Understanding Hypnosis

By Tom Zegan

There are Four different measurable states of consciousness, Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta.

1.) Beta - Wide awake state - 12hz - 27hz
2.) Alpha - Relaxed / Learning state - 8hz - 12hz
3.) Theta - Hypnotic / Meditation state - 3hz - 8hz
4.) Delta - Deep Sleep state - 0.2hz - 3hz

You see everyone must go through the Theta (Hypnotic/Meditation) state each and every night before they can reach the Delta (Deep Sleep) state.  When people say that they can't be Hypnotized they probably don't realize that they go in and out of the Theta (Hypnotic/Meditation) state between 5 & 10 times a day.  You also go from the Delta (Deep sleep) state to the Theta (Hypnotic/Meditation) state right before waking up each morning as well.

Hypnosis is a natural state of being and once you understand this there shouldn't be any fears associated with Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy.

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